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Association Management

Semico provides the essential services to advance associations to the next level of their evolution. From administrative management and accounting to meeting planning, membership marketing and strategic advice. Every client is unique, that is why we deliver customized services... we go beyond standard solutions to create well defined comprehensive goals, drive tangible results and make organizations more successful, no matter the size of your association or organization.

Semico helps associations to face today's challenging business environment.
The level of member engagement within an association is a measure of the organization’s vitality and serves as a leading indicator of its potential for future growth. For this reason, member recruitment, retention and administration are some of the most important activities that we undertake on behalf of our clients.

We understand that sustained member satisfaction requires frequent interaction and ongoing opportunities for involvement, and our team possesses the relationship management skills required to foster long-term membership growth and retention.
We use personal communications, targeted marketing techniques, and customized feedback to cultivate client member relationships. In addition, we incorporate business processes and procedures that ensure that client member data is protected.

The main question is first to define your targets! To do this we will have to find the answers to your questions like:
What is the best way to attract new members to your association?
Should our association focus on recruiting members or retaining them?
What is an appropriate membership goal for our association?
How can we get better results from our association surveys?
Is membership retention or recruitment more important to an association?
Is our legal and financial structure the most appropriate one?

Association Management services:
Secretarial Services & Accounting
Board Development & Support
Strategic Advice/Planning
General Consultancy
Certification & Education
Technical Services
Meetings/Events organization
A strategic partnership to build on…

Our association clients enjoy the following benefits:
We offer a strategic design of conferences for maximum impact on the attendees’ experience.
A so important leveraged buying power for hotels/venues and vendor services (A/V, food and beverage, ground transportation, etc.)
We create a key environment of face-to-face networking with key decision-makers and industry leaders.
The use of a global network of vendors and alliances, that enables Semico to design and manage conferences in any location? Financial Management: it all starts with transparency, Trust and ends with a successful project.
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