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Congress Services

As a PCO, (Professional Congress Organiser) we define ourselves as a coordinator of your event/congress. This implies the coordination of all possible aspects of the congress before, during and after the event itself.

Semico offers you a complete set of services. This package is offered to you in a modular way. This means that you are able to select the services that you need at this moment and can build up your support as the preparation of your congress progresses.

Modular does not mean incomplete. We can assist you from the early bidding process until the presentation of the final financial report after the congress.

  • Preparing bid, bid-book and presentation
  • Pre financing
  • Project management
  • Budget planning and control
  • Overall financial management
  • Promotion and communication management
  • Participant management
  • General administration
  • Website construction
  • Support of Scientific Committees
  • Speakers and programme management
  • Abstract Management
  • Search for sponsors & partners
  • Exhibition Management
  • Quality control on suppliers
  • Compliance with Green and Ethical directives
  • Contract negotiations with suppliers
  • Accommodation management
  • Coordination of all needed services incl. transportation, catering, social programme, audio-visual services
  • Onsite: general coordination and Problem solving
  • and more…

Preparing bid, bid-book and presentation:
Our team supports you in preparing your bid and bid book, including the Financial aspects of the proposal and will, if needed make a presentation of the bid.

Pre financing:
Based on the preliminary budget, Semico can offer pre-financing of your project, allowing the project to get a positive start.

Project management:
Each congress will be guided by one of our senior project managers. We always assign 2 PM’s to your congress, thus assuring the so important continuity in the follow-up of your event.

Budget planning and control:
The key factor,the main guideline throughout the organization will be the budget document. It can inform us where we are at any moment and uses an universal language: figures.

Overall financial management:
Each congress is allocated its own separate bank account. This allows our clients to identify the proper financial resources and leave no doubt about who’s money it is, we are working with. Transparency is no empty word with us.

Promotion and communication management:
Event branding and marketing are essential issues if you want success at the end of your organizational drive. Our team takes care of advertisements, press releases and coordination of the communication prior, during and following the congress.

Participant management & General administration:
No successful event without a strong administration. Registration service, confirmation, invoicing, follow-up of the financial transfers, social programme as well as local transportation and accommodation issues, all of these aspects are cared for by our administration team.

Website construction:
The congress website, is our “Window on the World” to attract delegates and partners to your congress, it's the main information platform for the congress: the information hub, where all announcements and updated news are presented to the world.

Support of Scientific Committees & Speakers and programme content management:
The heart of every congress is its programme. We offer you and your scientific committee a full support during the construction of this central part of the event. From speakers solicitation to speakers management.

Abstract Management:
The second pillar of any scientific programme is the submission of free papers and abstract. Our web-based system allows submission of papers and abstracts through the congress website following the “Call for papers”. Once received, the abstracts are cataloged and assigned to a number of reviewers, who are able to start their task at once, using a ordinary web browser.

Our team does monitor the status of this process and will remind all parties involved of deadlines. Once the review process is closed the scientific committee will be presented with the results, so they can make the final allocation to the available slots in the programme. Once Oral, poster and e-poster communications are defined, confirmation letters will be send to the authors, while the abstracts and papers are prepared for publication.

Since it is web-based, your scientific committee can freely review submitted abstracts from any location in the world, giving back precious time to focus on the conference programme.

Because we care for the environment, we offer various technological alternatives, such as e-posters and congress App’s, for presenting and sharing posters and papers.

Speakers management
From the beginning of the preparation process, we will take care of the invited speakers you have designated. We will contact and inform them of the facilities we can offer. All these arrangements for your attending speakers, invited or from the free communications, will be professionally managed by a dedicated Conference Manager. From travel and accommodation reservations to on-site technical requirements, you can be sure that your speakers will able to step on stage relaxed and prepared. Clear and consistent communication to all of them, will ensure that we will stay on target regarding the budget.

Search for sponsors & partners:
In general no congress can become a financial success without the support of partners/sponsors. We offer a full service to find these important partners on a “no cure, no pay” basis… This way everybody wins…

Your event is the perfect opportunity for sponsors to connect with their target market. Through extensive market research and the creation of a comprehensive sponsorship package, we will secure the right mix of sponsors and exhibitors to help finance your event, as well as ensure that these sponsors and exhibitors will be long term partners in future years by offering mutually beneficial terms and benefits.

By offering unique opportunities to showcase logos and brand messages, we make sure that your sponsors gain the recognition they deserve.

Exhibition Management:
The return on investment has become even more important for the sponsors of congresses. Our exhibition manager will help to define the needs of your partners and will find an adequate solution for them: Planning of location, set-up, maintenance and removing of the booths are only a small part of these services.

This dedicated service will enforce the partnership with all the companies involved… year after year and this by designing adequate floor plans, optimizing exhibitor exposure and delegate flow, providing a separate on-site check-in for our exhibitors.

Contract negotiations & Quality control on suppliers:
We select our suppliers with care: the right supplier for the right project. During the congress our team will of course monitor the quality on a continuous basis.

Compliance with Green and Ethical directives:
Mdeon, EucoMed…,more and more regulations are defining the taste and feel of the congresses. Our team will take care of the visa applications and will monitor any ethical compliance issue that needs to be addressed, while working to the highest ethical standards in the industry. Taking care of the planet is no empty slogan for our Project managers, they will check every part of the organization – be it venue, supplier or partner… within the framework of the green industry standards…

Accommodation management:
Semico wants to offer secured & quality accommodation to suit not only your tastes, but also your budget. Why take the stress and risk of accommodation management, with the use of our Accommodation Service. Our team will work with you to find the best accommodation options for your event using our international network, our negotiation skills and buying power.

Elaboration of the social programme
We all know that the best contacts between delegates are taking place during the social activities, which are an essential part of the congress. Our team understands this perfectly. Therefor the elaboration of a comprehensive social programme is and always will be an essential part of our task. We will never forget to take on board the ethical restrictions, in place within the framework of the healthcare industry. Finding the perfect venue, contracting catering and entertainment services are all part of our efforts to bring you the unique experience, that will maximize the changes for networking and social contacts between the delegates, partners and local representatives. These moments will become the highlights of your event. Whatever they may be: Welcome reception, Gala or congress dinner, cultural evening or informal dinner, our team will surprise you.
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